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  • inverTUR is the platform that helps make TOURISM Investment happen.

    Our OBJECTIVE is to help sustainable and profitable tourism projects have an impact on destinations and regional economies by creating jobs and developing their communities. .

    Our MISSION is to contribute to making TOURISM become one of the verticals for LONG-TERM INVESTMENT in the regional economies. As we usually say, make TOURISM move from the newspaper Travel Section to the Business & Economy Section.

  • What type of investments are we talking about?

    • Connectivity, airlines and land transportation
    • Accommodation and its wide range of choices; resorts, lodges, glamping, and motorhomes.
    • Sea and river cruises
    • Tourist trains
    • Theme Parks
    • Ski and hot springs resorts
    • Convention centres
    • Marketing and distribution technological developments with a focus on conversion.
  • Tourism's figures

    • Tourism grows at a rate of over 50% of the global economy. Fill out your personal data and get an exclusive report prepared by inverTUR.
  • What tools are at hand to achieve our objective?

    We have four specific tools.
  • Creating and presenting specific investment opportunities and connecting key business players
    through its 4 spaces: 
    the Forum, the Club, Investment Opportunity Mapping at destinations and provinces, and the Project Bank.

    • The inverTUR Forum
      An annual event on Tourism business and investment opportunities.
      • June 12, 2019
    • The inverTUR Club
      Membership by invitation for leaders and role models in the tourism investment community.
    • The Project Bank
      For private investment in tourism.
    • Opportunity Mapping
      For attracting private investment in Tourism.
  • Check out inverTUR Forum 2019!

  • Our team

    Tourism experts with a proven track record of over 15 years in the industry.
    • Damián Habib
      Co-founder & Partner

      A specialist in Destination Marketing and a leader in planning tourism demand and supply for the development of destinations.

    • Ramiro Alem
      Co-founder & Managing Partner

      Has a vast experience in planning and implementing tourism investment, both in the public and private sectors.

    • Melina Martini

      With a degree in Hospitality and Tourism, she is responsible for pursuing inverTUR’s wide range of activities. Her goal is to make projects happen.

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